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[ 1 ]   Build Your Personal Brand In The Trading World  

[ 2 ]   Promote Trading Products And Services, Educational Events And Resources

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webAF originated from ADVANCED Futures in 2002. The ADVANCED name is a brand that is recognized throughout the trading community.  

We are now ONE and include:

Your Personal Brand

The Most Powerful Brand In The World - YOU

Use the web to build your personal brand in the trading world, while making new connections, advancing your career and establishing credibility.

When you build your personal brand, you increase your visibility and attract better opportunities while making a name for yourself.

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  •   Personal Branding Sessions – highly interactive conversations giving you greater clarity, confidence and enthusiasm than you ever thought possible.
webAF membership website for educational training in the trading industry

Times have changed... how you build your personal brand in the trading business

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Authentic Companies In The Trading World With Educational Resources And Events

webAF promotes over 36 categories of trading products and services. These companies have all been evaluated beforehand so you can be sure that they are reliable and trusted. Check out what is covered below!

Algorithmic Trading, Artificial Intelligence, Banks, Blockchain, Bonds/Fixed Income, Brokerages, Charting, Commodity Trading, Compliance, Cryptocurrencies, Data, Exchanges, Fintech, Fundamental Analysis, Futures, FX, Hardware, Hedge Funds, Hedging, High Frequency Trading, Legal, Machine Learning, Managed Futures, Market Making, Options Trading, Proprietary Trading, Quantitative Trading, Regulatory Organizations, Software, Stock Market, Taxes, Technical Analysis, Traders Associations, Trade Shows & Conferences, Trading Platforms, Trading Systems, Universities

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With more than 36 categories of real products and services in the trading business and growing.

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Online and in person events via our trusted providers allowing you to sign up and join an event.

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Membership is open to anyone with a passion in the trading world!

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webAF membership website for educational training in the trading industry

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Founder of webAF

Marks trading experience began right out of college in 1982 and in 1994 Mark traded equities as a proprietary trader. In 2000, he took the Series 7 and 24 exam and became a Registered General Securities Principal.

In 2002 Mark took the Series 3 and 30 and founded ADVANCED Futures, a Futures, Options, Currencies and Commodities Electronic Trading Firm as an Independent Introducing Broker.

"Committed to the Trading Community"

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